Why to apply?

Why should you engage in EU projects?

Build partnerships

Find new business and technology partners

Deepen your relationship with your future business partners

Work with expert partners to complete your solution

Become part of an European value chain

Build new business

Try out radical and disruptive innovations with the best experts

Validate your solution with the best partners

Solve grand challenges together: climate change, sustainability etc.

Go international: New customers & markets

Stay competitive

Somebody will use the money to accelerate their growth

Your competitors use this money for their R&D already

Get positive PR and visibility for your project

Get access to R&D pilot sites

More funding for your growth

Available for all: From SMEs to large enterprises

Lower your own risk in long-term R&D

Your partners will benefit from the funding too

Once you receive funding, it’s easier to get more, e.g. blended financing

Still in doubt?

Here are some common thoughts about EU funding

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You always benefit
Some EU funding calls are more competitive than others and you need to choose the right one for you. The work you did for even an unsuccessful application will be useful for your strategy and business planning and for the next EU funding rounds.
Your competitors are doing it too
Your competitors may already be doing R&D with EU funding and securing their growth that way. Do not miss out on this opportunity for your long-term projects!
It's not
The EU funding applications are known for being very thorough, but they also help you to crystallise your project idea and make a proper plan. The deadline forces you to make your project plan on time! Remember that there is expert help available to put together a good funding proposal: funding agencies, universities, RTOs and consulting companies.
Additional money certainly helps
This may be the case but think what your R&D could achieve with a few additional million euros? Even large companies have successfully applied for EU funding.
You need a business plan in any case
You will spend time on making a business plan and a project plan in any case. The EU funding application helps you to take all matters into consideration, perhaps even some you may not have considered just yet. Preparing your proposal also forces you to evaluate your future business partners.
Partners will help you
You don't need to do everything on your own when there are specialised expertise available who can help you to solve your particular challenge? Think about the technology validation opportunities in research organisations, for example!

Or maybe not?

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